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Our office is now offering the safe and effective Isagenix Cleanse and Weight Loss System. The average person loses 24-26 pounds the first 30 days.  The program includes a delicious, safe and effective cleanse to detox the system and help you rid yourself of sugar and complex carbohydrate cravings, delicious shakes for continued weight loss, a fat burner capsule, a natural flush capsule for regular bowel movements, and tablets and snacks for blood sugar stabilizing in between meals.

Dr. Neal Wieder recently lost 46 pounds from June 2nd, 2015 to August 16th, 2015. Go Dr. Wieder !

If you want to get started call Dr. Sheila Scott for more information 407- 682- 4454 .

Sign up using the form below or call 407-682-4454 to make an appointment.

THIS ---->https://holisticwellnessnowcom.chiromatrixbase.com/treatment-offered/weight-loss/isagenix-cleanse---weight-loss-.html

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I was in a car accident and injured my neck and back. I could barely get through the day the pain was unbearable. Dr. Neal Wieder's treatment is different that other Chiropractors as he uses other treatments such as Quantum Laser Neurology, Mechanical Adjusting, Vibracussor and Upper Cervical Adjustments. I'm not at 100%, however, I can function great once again and I sleep through the night. Call his office today! Richard T.

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